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Gram Vikas isn’t a new concept in the Indian context, but there was always a scope of new approach towards Gram Vikas in changing times. For ‘Atma nirbharta' (self reliance) of our villages, ensuring water, electricity, cottage industries, education, cleanliness, agriculture and building infrastructure have always been our priorities. KSGVY has approached these challenges from a new innovative concept called URC – Urban Rural Connect. It is about connecting rural India with the urban India and drive the change by the skilful .... Read more


In order to commemorate 75 years Independence in 2022 KSGVY is working to bring positive change in 75 villages of Dongari Palghar area. To achieve this goal, KSGVY has guided villagers to create a 'Mission 2022' for each village. In a unique and innovative way, instead of giving a mission from top, Keshav shrushti preferred to get it from the bottom, from the villages. All the villagers in each village participated in formulating this mission 2022 statement. All 75 villages after extensive discussion wrote down 'Gaon Arakhada' (outline of scheme for village) and made a book with village history, geography, challenges, aspirations and 'Sankalp' (what they vow to achieve) before 2022 as part of that book.


To encourage the Gram karyakartas, to guide them and to reinforce the determination, Mumbai Yuvas, and KSGVY team members organized a formal get together of VIVEKANANDA SHAKTI KENDRA pramukh from all the villages at Vikramgad. It was called as 'Sankalp din'. Dr. Shri Prasanna Patil of Dr. Hedgewar Hospital, Aurangabad was the invitee for guidance Dr. Ravindra Ghagas, Principal of Dahanu College was also invited as the Chief Guest for the program.

Dr. Prasanna Patil explained the Way Forward for the completion of this Mission on time. He divided the jobs to do in to three parts

  • a) That needs Government help
  • b) That needs support from NGO like Keshav srushti
  • c) That can be done by villagers themselves and needs no outside help.

Shri Bimal Kedia on his concluding speech encouraged and guided all the villagers, Mumbai Yuva and Team KSGVY for working hard to achieve our goal. More than 150 people, including all VIVEKANANDA SHAKTI KENDRA Pramukhs, MSK Teachers, and 40 Mumbai Yuvas, were present for the program. This had positive impact on all the members present in terms of better understanding of their own role in the mission.



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