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Akshay Sahayog

Keshav Srushti has been pioneer in serving the society with various initiatives as the need has arisen from the society. Keshaysrushti has always worked towards providing an appropriate solution and helping the needy when they require the most. Covid-19 situation is new to the whole world and the entire mankind is facing this tough challenge. No one has a fixed formula to move forward towards normalcy.

As Keshav Srushti started with various forms of help in ways of Covid centers, Hospital supplies, helping the needy with ration, distribution of Oxygen concentrators etc., the karyakartas once in their discussions felt that we should also think about the families who have lost their brain earners. As the discussions progressed a group of volunteers were formed to start the initiative called AKSHAY SAHAYOG on the auspicious day of Akshay Tritiya on 14th May 2021. Under the leadership of Shri Bimal Kediaji, the core team was formed along with volunteer team, the intent of this initiative and processes to be followed were also scripted. To support this cause, big corporate houses, NGOs and Individuals with similar intent vowed to support these families on a long-term basis so that education of the child does not stop, the families are able to stay in the houses by paying their home rentals, to get medical and mental counseling for the dependents, to get their interest and skillsets upgraded so that a new bread winner of the house could be created. With such a huge backing and trust shown by the society, Akshay Sahayog was started in Mumbai and Dongri Palghar regions.

A working committee was formed with bunch of about 15 people who not only are self-committed in their own businesses or jobs but also gave commitment to support this cause with their time and energy. This working committee using their experiences and knowledge formed some processes and training modules to efficiently give results to the initiative using a team of about 20 volunteers. A mechanism was established with team of volunteers who would speak to the impacted families and understand their exact position and situation. The entire discussion gets scripted in form of data with important pointers and understandings of the family. It is not easy for the volunteers to speak to the families and dependents who have in the recent past lost their main family member(s). However, the volunteers knew that only getting emotional will not help these impacted families anyhow and so they worked over their hearts so that they can collect as much data as they can. Once this data gets collected, the working committee members discuss each case and after understanding the situation they take appropriate decisions, so that many families get opportunity to sail through the tough times.

Empowering Life After COVID

The second wave of covid-19 has been traumatic and many families have lost their breadwinner and their struggle for survival has begun! Keshav srushti has decided to support such families through its initiative Akshay Sahayog


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