Keshav Srushti Award

This year the Keshav Srushti Puraskar was given to Mr. Milind Thate, who has worked as a consultant on ‘Development Communication’ and has lived & walked in tribal villages of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Jharkhand. Milind Thatte has founded and volunteers for a group called ‘Vayam’ (we). The group focuses on building strong-informed-sensitive leaders in tribal villages. The group has also initiated community management and conservation of forests. Milind currently lives in Jawhar in tribal belt in Thane district.

It was 6th edition of Keshav Srushti Puraskar which comprises a cash prize of Rs. One Lakh. Generally the organization looks for youngsters working for a social cause, but at the same time the maximum age limit exceeds to 45 years of age. The event was held on 10th October 2015 at Rangsharda, Special Public Prosecutor (SPP) Sri Ujjwal Nikam graced the occasion as chief guest. Ashok Hande, known for his musicals showcasing the rich legacy of Marathi music, entertained the guests in the second half.

Social work is an exciting, demanding and immensely rewarding profession. It requires uncommon dedication to strive for social reform. On this note Keshav Srushti, renders the award for the people and institutions excelling in the field of Social Work. The objective being in contributing a bit towards a better and prosperous India. At the same time it also aims to inspire the layman in the society getting motivated and enthused with the spirit of social work.

The award comprises a cash prize of Rs. One Lakh. Generally the organization looks for youngsters working for a social cause, but at the same time the maximum age limit exceeds to 45 years of age.

Keshav Srushti is well aware of the fact that the world needs people who are committed to the needs of others. It also realizes that the Social workers attend to those in distress and identify and remedy the social ill that rob people of their dignity and prevent them from achieving their full potential. Social work is a profession for those with a strong desire to improve people's lives.

Keeping this in mind the Institution to be awarded is shortlisted by selection committee comprising the office bearers of Keshav Srushti. The selection committee scrutinizes the previous five years records of the selected organization and the scope and the range of its work. It is also verified whether the Institution is a registered one or not. Keshav Srushti Award was instituted on 2nd October 2010.

The first recipients of this award were Shri Vijay Jadhav of Samtol Foundation and Shri Gajanan Dange of Dr. Hegdewar Sewa Samiti. They were awarded for their monumental work in the upliftment of tribal children living in acute circumstances.

The second Keshav Srushti Award was bestowed on 30th September 2012 to Shri Narsingh Baburao Bhure of Gopal Samaj Parishad, Latur elevating the children from their dire status. Shri Sarang Gosawi of Asim Foundation, Pune was honoured with the third Keshav Srushti Award on 4th October 2012. He was honoured for his massive work of spreading awareness towards education, initiating self-employment and propagating the message of peace in the regions of North-East India and Kashmir.

To avail for this award the applications are invited through newspapers. After short listing, the most deserving institution is nominated for the award and thus he is honoured at the hands of the esteemed personalities of the society Retrospecting, it is identified that the award has proven to be a morale booster for the three awarded institutions as we can see them excelling and surpassing in their work area.

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