Kishangopal Rajpuriya Vanprasthashram

1. Introduction

Kishangopal Rajpuriya Vanprasthashram (Old age home) is situated in fourteen acres in Keshavsrshti. A Very good place to stay in natural surrounding with all other facilities like.

2 Accommodation

Vanprasthashram has capacity of more than 100 person. At present it is occupied with 50 Male and 45 Female Vanprasthis. Vanprasthashram has four categories

  • Dormitory @ Rs 2500/- per month per head.
  • Twin sharing with common Toilet @ Rs 3000/- per month per head.
  • Twin sharing self contained Rooms @ Rs 3500/- per month per head.
  • Luxury Rooms @ Rs. 1000 per head per day.
Inclusive of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Only Pure vegetarian meal is served.

3. Admission

Male should be above 60 years & female should be above 58 years. Should have sound health and must be non addicted.

4. Documents require for admission

Copy of Photo Identiy, 2 Photo graphs, Medical ceritficate and two guarantors.

5. Facilities

Dispensary, Ambulance, Library, Playing Room, T.V Room, Weekly Doctor's visit for routine check up from reputed hospitals, Shiv Temple and Meditations.

Police patroling twice in a day. Gaushala:-

In near future we have decided to built Cowshed because Cow milk is much healthier then Buffalo Milk. In Hindu Religion Cow is known as Mother and to lead Cow or make Cowdhan is as good as to go for pilgrimage {Teerath Yatra} and get blessings.

6. Events

All festivals are celebrated by the vanprsthashram such as.

  • Annual day, This is the unique function where vanprasthis perform and all their family members are invited.
  • Yearly picnic
  • Independence day and Republic day Celbration
  • Ganesh festival
  • Various NGo's such as Bhakti Vedant movement, Lions Clubs, Silver inning foundation etc conduct spiritual & cultural program for the residents of Vanprasthashram

Contact person: Office - +91 022 2845 0158, Mr. Yogendra ji Rajpuria (President) - 9820061086 , Mr Jay Suthar - 8655304849

  • Vision

    "To develop socially conscious Bharatiya citizens of tomorrow who will provide enlightened leadership in all walks of life."

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