Environment Education

You are invited to Keshav Srushti; situated in the lap of Mother Nature, about 35 km. from Mumbai airport. The campus spread over 200 acres of lush green valley with gricultural land, fruit bearing trees, herbal plants and forest wealth, carries an unimaginable aura of peace. This campus encompasses vast swathes of green rolling hills, natural and man-made gardens, mango, coconut plantation, streams and, fresh water pond. These unique elements has made Keshav Srushti an attractive proposition for one day environment ducational trips. Thus, it has become an ideal place for returning to the lap of nature for environment education. Come explore nature with US!


  • Fruit Bearing Trees
  • Coconut Plantation
  • Bio Diversity
  • Herbal Plants
  • Eco System
  • Forest Wealth
  • Mango plantation
  • Unimaginable Aura Of Peace
  • More than 200 information display boards. Displaying birds, reptiles, animal, insects, butterfly, plants, the integral part of Keshav Srushti
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Tel: +91 22 28450247, +91 22 28452855
Email: info@keshavsrushti.com