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Keshav Srushti has been developing its campus for multi-disciplinary social service projects, with concern for the environment being the touchstone for any project it has undertaken. In keeping with this thought, Keshav Srushti has launched an ambitious programme under the aegis of Professor Rajendra Singh Oorja Abhiyan.

Vision Professor Rajendra Singh Oorja Abhiyan envisions to inspire people to adopt sustainable energy practices that can lead to energy independence and save mother earth for present and future generations.

To achieve its objective, Professor Rajendra Singh Oorja Abhiyaan (PRSOA) shall:

1. Adopt alternative energy practices to move away from the traditional consumption pattern. It will set up a team of experts that will advise it to harness renewable sources at its command like sunlight, water, wind and biomass to generate energy for its various activities.

2. Strive to become a catalyst for change by involving experts in the field and helping move knowledge gained in laboratories to the field for common citizens.

3. Set up a Knowledge Centre in the campus that would disseminate latest knowledge and information about alternative sources and methodologies of harnessing them. Emphasis will also be laid on publishing new and popular literature in this subject.

4. Work on alternative energy education, including courses to encourage people to take up green careers.

5. Organize lectures and seminars in educational institutions to educate students about issues like carbon footprint, greenhouse gases, green energy and sustainable environment.

6. Undertake awareness activities to spread the message of environment conservation and sustainable energy practices.

7. Organize ‘Energy Yatras’ for people to remote places where successful projects have been set up to provide energy to people through alternative sources to convince them about practical solutions to our problems.

Solar cooker installed at Kisangopal Rajpuria Vanprastashram.

College Workshops & Energy Yatras

The workshops were well received and PRSOA is creating a pool of resource people who can take these lectures and workshops in colleges. In some time, PRSOA will create a pool of energy volunteers and energy champions in the colleges for students who want to take up these activities. A few projects to be undertaken by such students are also proposed.  
  PRSOA works on the following two main themes:
- Create awareness in children
- Inspire activism amongst youth
PRSOA has conducted workshops and lectures in a few colleges of Mumbai with a view to bringing overall awareness about energy issues and solutions.
The key to building confidence in alternative energies is to witness successful projects. With a view, PRSOA intends to organise Energy Yatras for colleges. The Keshav Srushti campus has a growing number of successful renewable energy projects and PRSOA intends to showcase these to interested college students. In the neighbouring districts like Palghar, Thane & Pune, there are a few successful community scale projects that will also be included in the yatras.

Akshay Oorja Camp at Keshav Srushti
Dear Parent,

With great pleasure we take this opportunity to introduce you to Aksahy Oorja Camp - a first of its kind residential camp designed to Explore, Experience and Express the possibilities that the field of Energy and Environment holds in near future.

To be held in the wonderful Eco-Green campus of Keshav Srushti, the camp will expose children to multiple layers of experiences that helps shape our personality - morning exercises, adventure activities, brain storming sessions, hands on experiments and building devices, interaction with Scientists and Environmental activists, documentary screening and also exclusive field visits to absorb the possibility and potential of this rapidly growing field.

We, at Prof. Rajendra Singh Oorja Abhiyaan believe that Energy & Environment are the two most important aspects of our world and it is important that we take proactive steps to maintain the harmony in the same. We believe solutions exist, even today, and if we can make energy conservation and energy generation from renewable sources an act of fun and celebration, we can lead a healthy, respectful and a lot more joyful life.

Hence, the idea of this Akshay Oorja Camp was inculcated to bring together young minds and instill in them a sense of belief and possibility of a clean, green and beautiful future that we can all be proud to be part of.

And of course we would not want to do it in a serious board room style, we would rather do it as a play - literally a Child's play at that.

Please find enclosed the itinerary of the camp and help us gift your children the best experience this holiday season, that might change their life and maybe ours too.

Thank You!
Keshav Srushti

Participation Fees: Rs. 2,200/-
Eligibility: 6th - 12th Standard
Date of Camp: 6th, 7th & 8th November, 2015


Taking into perspective the shortcomings of fossil fuel based economy and the related environmental impact, a unique residential camp was organised by PRSOA in the beautiful campus of Keshav Srushti from 17th Oct evening to 19 Oct evening.

Titled as Akshay Oorja Camp, as was aptly titled, saw the involvement of 31 children from class 4 to 10 from various schools in Mumbai.

Post dinner on the very first evening the children witnessed the dangers associated with the consumption based economy through a beautiful documentary - The Story of Stuff.

Participants were then divided into 4 groups and asked to summarise the documentary in their own ways. The idea being to make them work in team and brainstorm the best way to present any given topic. In the short span of 20 minutes, the groups prepared their mode of presentation while also ensuring that each member had something to share. While one group read out all the points listed in the film, another presented the same idea in the form of a skit. It was surprising to see the innovative ways the kids could think of presenting the same idea.

Each morning began with kids waking up at 5:30 am and relishing a glassful of pure milk freshly taken from desi cows residing in the Goshala of the campus.

Then the children learnt the art of AUM chanting and SuryaNamaskar from the renowned expert Nanduji Romde who also conducted various interesting games so that children could start the day on a joyful and energetic note.

Later the participants were given a practical demonstration of how the seemingly waste can be converted into a valuable resource. Charcoal was prepared from the dry leaves fallen from the trees, thus increasing its value by 20 times.

Food waste from the campus canteen was fed into a digester which produced biogas that was used for cooking and the residual slurry used as a fine fertiliser. Thus the children learnt an important lesson that in nature nothing is really waste....everything has its use.

Next was the time to experience the power of Sun. While most children were aware of solar panels that converted sunlight to electriricty, not many had seen a working setup. Keshav Srushti office being solar electrified and the farm being irrigated by solar pumps, children could get a feel of the adavantages and limitations of solar electrification. Later they also saw solar water heaters that heated the water for entire hostel and also the canteen.

While these equipments helped relate the theory with practice, it was lunch with the sun that the children enjoyed a lot.

Making their own solar oven and cooking noodles in it, roasting papad on a giant parabolic solar oven and popping the corn were the fun part of playing with the sun.

Next the children interatced with Krishi Scientist who made them aware of the vital role of the farmer in our lives and how and why they should grow their own food, be it in balcony, window or terrace.

As part of hands on experience, each children planted turmeric roots, understood the concept of nursery and various medicinal plants, held earthworms on their palms in the vermicomposting unit, sow the plants in the farm and pump water with a hand pump where some enjoyed playing a holi of sorts.

The 4 R's - Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle forms a vital role in todays world, because we can fuflfil one's needs but not their greed. Thus the focus should be more on reducing demand than on increasing the generation. This point was nicely put forth by IIT Bombay professor Dr. Shirish Kedare. He also made children aware of the rural India scenario where there is continuous struggle for energy and water. He inspired children to introspect if they should misuse the facilities given to them or use appropriately so that their fellow ruralites can also be benefitted.

Children also recycled the waste exam paper collected from colleges into a brand new paper sheet.

Next the children understood about energy auditing and the concept of energy conservation by choosing efficient technologies. They learnt how to calculate energy consumption of any appliances, the energy and economic pauback period if it is to be replaced by more effiicent one.

Later Shri Ajay Dalmiya demonstrated a domestic model of biogas digester that can be used to convert waste food into biogas and slurry. More importantly he related this simple technology with chemistry, physics and biology leaving a wondeful impact on children who would now be tempted to relate any new concept with practical models.

All in all the camp was an effort to take the children through a journey which could empower them with holistic experience of the need, potential and beauty of sustainable lifestyle and showcase that it could be more fun and healthy option unlike what is generally believed.

Day 1 (6th November 2015)
5 - 6 pm   Arrival and allotment of respective rooms.
6 - 7 pm   Introduction and Team formation.
7 - 8 pm   Documentary screening.
8 - 9 pm   Dinner.
9 - 10 pm  Interaction and team role.
10 pm        Sleep.

Day 2 (7th November 2015)
5:30 am               Suprabhat
6:30 - 7:30 am    Physical Training & Games
7:30 - 9 am          Breakfast and Bath
9 - 11 am              Waste to Energy: The Biogas and BioCoal Route
11 - 12:30 pm      Energy Aufiting & Measurement
12:30 - 1:30 pm   Lunch
1:30 - 2:30 pm     Rest
2:30 - 5:30 pm     Water Conservation
5:30 - 7 pm          The art of recycling
7 - 7:30 pm          Break
7:30 - 8:30 pm     Dinner
8:30 - 9 pm          Sharing and Interaction
9 pm                     Sleep

Day 3 (8th November 2015)
5:30 am                Suprabhat
6:30 - 7:30 am     Physical Training & Games
7:30 - 9 am          Breakfast and Bath
9 - 11 am             Harnessing Solar Energy - Revealing the Science behind various Technologies
11 - 12:30 pm      Suryakumbh Session
12:30 - 1:30 pm   Lunch
1:30 - 2:30 pm     Rest
2:30 - 3:30 pm     Water Conservation
3:30 - 4:30 pm     Interaction with a Scientist / Environmentalist / Activist
4:30 pm                Parents arrive and take a tour of Keshav Srushti
4:30 - 5:30 pm     Certificate distribution & Farewell

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